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Rosanna en Rincon17 ocb 16x12
Rosanna en Rincon
17 ocb 16x12

Calandria en Platano17 ocb 14x11
Calandria en Platano
17 ocb 14x11

Bamboo en Viento Noroeste17 ocb 16x12
Bamboo en Viento Noroeste
17 ocb 16x12

Flor Cautiva17 ob 12x12
Flor Cautiva
17 ob 12x12

Posada En Puerto Rico13 relief print 9x12
Posada En Puerto Rico
13 relief print 9x12

Death of a Teenagertriptych15 oc 60x 102
Death of a Teenager
15 oc 60x 102

Death of a Teenager - leftExclusive Chocolatiers15 oc 60x 27
Death of a Teenager - left
Exclusive Chocolatiers
15 oc 60x 27

Death of a Teenager - middleTwilight15 oc 60x48

Death of a Teenager - middle
15 oc 60x48

Death of a Teenager - rightDance of Death15 oc 60x27
Death of a Teenager - right
Dance of Death
15 oc 60x27

Splash and Song16 linocut 11x 8.5
Splash and Song
16 linocut 11x 8.5

Boatscape - Community13 mural 120x72
Boatscape - Community
13 mural 120x72

This Is My Body - Tzompantli15 ab 30.5x21
This Is My Body - Tzompantli
15 ab 30.5x21


Lucia Gonzalez Parsons, English12 pp 12x14
Lucia Gonzalez Parsons, English
12 pp 12x14

St Maurice & Mahatma Gandhi Praying11 relief print 14x9.8
St Maurice & Mahatma Gandhi Praying
11 relief print 14x9.8


Lucia Gonzalez de Parsons, Espańol12 pp 12x14
Lucia Gonzalez de Parsons, Espańol
12 pp 12x14

Silvana Rivera Vidal12 pp 16x12
Silvana Rivera Vidal
12 pp 16x12

Hermione Statue12 ol 60x32
Hermione Statue
12 ol 60x32

Hermione Statue, detail12 ol 60x32
Hermione Statue, detail
12 ol 60x32

Resistance-video still09 pp 24x11
Resistance-video still
09 pp 24x11

A Child Is Born77-05 pp 10x10
A Child Is Born
77-05 pp 10x10


Pond Ripple Scape06 pp 14x17
Pond Ripple Scape
06 pp 14x17



Ripples06 pp 14x17
06 pp 14x17

Boatscape-Life & Death09 serigraphy 22.5x13.75
Boatscape-Life & Death
09 serigraphy 22.5x13.75

Shadows and Fish08 oc 48x41
Shadows and Fish
08 oc 48x41

Canto Borincano-detail left04 oc 58x34
Canto Borincano-detail left
04 oc 58x34

Canto Borincano04 oc 58x34
Canto Borincano
04 oc 58x34

Canto Borincano-detail right04 oc 58x34
Canto Borincano-detail right
04 oc 58x34

Italian Fantasy05 o 45x72
Italian Fantasy
05 o 45x72


In Front of the Gorilla04 aam 20x28
In Front of the Gorilla
04 aam 20x28

Triad92 ac 23x62

92 ac 23x62



Oracion Boricua85 etching 12x21
Oracion Boricua
85 etching 12x21


Mnemon86 mm 27x27
86 mm 27x27

Daybreak Flying84 ac 46x37
Daybreak Flying
84 ac 46x37

Ahead Before The Retro Beat85 aw&c 48x59
Ahead Before The Retro Beat
85 aw&c 48x59

Boom Level Boat85 mm 8.5x23x5

Boom Level Boat
85 mm 8.5x23x5

Postmodern Essay-85mm62x84x7
Postmodern Essay
85 mm 62x84x7


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