Jose Agustin Andreu
Beginning Drawing

Drawing I is an exploration of the expressive possibilities of image-making, spatial relationships,
pattern and surface rendering.  Line and shape, texture, value, color and space are emphasized
along with flexibility of approach and experimentation with materials, techniques and
composition. The elements of drawing will be presented on a progressive schedule that
emphasizes objective representation and expressive stylization and abstraction. The principles
of design and composition will be continually emphasized along with the development of the
historical and conceptual language of drawing. Slide lectures will complement relevant topics.
The course develops vision and expression through clarity of form and practical experience.



Your attendance is critical. Classes are not optional. Two absences can
negatively affect your grade. Three absences can result in failure. Class begins
on time and students are required to be on time. Partial sessions, late arrivals
and early departures are included in your total attendance average.
Eating or headphones are not permitted during class.

OUTSIDE ASSIGNMENTS   A sketchbook must be kept for weekly assignments and required homework.


The grading will be determined through classwork, attendance, individual
contributions to class discussion and participation, homework, continual
sketchbook development and final portfolio review. Each project receives
a grade. At semester’s end all grades are added, averaged and combined
with your attendance, class participation and initiative. The average is your
final grade. Late work may be down graded. You have the opportunity to redo work
if unsatisfied with the first effort. If you’re absent, you are still responsible for
all your work. Any missing assignments must be made up before the last week
or they become an F.


Needed for this course are materials that comprise the most elementary supplies
for an artist. Some of them will be provided in the basic kit of materials for the
Beginning Drawing course, the rest are to be provided by the student. You are
expected to have the supplies for each project well ahead of time.
The materials provided by Columbia College are;
                        1 newsprint pad, 18” x 24”
                        3 sticks of medium vine charcoal
                        1 kneaded eraser
                        1 portfolio, red rope envelope type

            Provided by the student
                        1 drawing sketchbook, 14” x 17”, 55lb. Paper or heavier
                        box medium grade vine charcoal
                        soft pastels, box set of NuPastels, 16 or 24
                        oil pastels, Craypas box of 16 or 24
                        odorless, workable spray fixative
                        supply box
                        and any other drawing material you might already own
Desire, Commitment, and Perseverance. Talent Optional.



Exercise and Assignment

Day 1

introduction, abstract and representational forms and shapes
HW: supplies and self portrait

Day 2

representational forms and shapes, picture plane, positive and negative space
HW: seven expressions

Day 3

abstract/analogous forms and shapes, still life with hatching and crosshatching, 
form planes and ground plane, informal perspective
HW: line and positive/negative space still life with three objects

Day 4

atmospheric perspective, combined approaches still life
HW: narrative still life, at least 3 or more objects

Day 5

ground plane mapping representational shapes and gestures,
slides #2 picture plane as space: illusionistic space
HW: designs from nature into 2D environment

Day 6

gesture and space; minute drawings then still life
hatching and crosshatching still life
HW: half eaten food

Day 7

value scale, full value still life, subtractive still life
slides #17 value: representation and gesture
HW: self and window and out of window, 7 values

Day 8

value still life; out of focus slides
three abstract/analogous gestures
HW: still life substitution from one in black &white oil pastels with light

Day 9

representational still life, perspective, value, space
slides #25 space: linear perspective
HW: bathroom

Day 10

changing point of view still life, monochrome and analogous color, soft pastels
HW: monument

Day 11

analogous color harmony representation, oil pastels
slides #3 changing point of view, scale, distance: organizing the picture plane
HW: three or more spaces

Day 12

complementary representation, soft pastels
slides #23 space: devices for illusory space
HW: still life with mirror                    

Day 13

complementary and split complementary representation, oil pastels
HW: combined portrait and problem

Day 14

split complementary, quadratic or triadic representation, soft & oil pastels
HW: self portrait

Day 15

final critique
HW: keep drawing

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