Jose Agustin Andreu
Form and Content

Assignments in a variety of drawing media and techniques will continue to develop skills in the formal,
technical, and expressive, personal vocabulary of drawing. Students will investigate a range of materials
and ideas in drawing projects, including illusion, symbol, concept development, and process. Students
will also be encouraged to explore emotional and aesthetic content and style from personal, cultural, and
historical sources. Critiques and discussions will cultivate a greater facility in both execution and
understanding and encourage a personal direction. This course is intended for the student who has
completed at least one basic drawing course and feels ready to progress to the next level.



Day 1 

introduction; form, content, and principles of design; representational pattern and
texture, shape and form, contour and silhouettes: charcoal
HW: supplies

Day 2 

representational pattern and texture, viewfinder and frame division, pos-neg space,
geometric and organic; hatching and crosshatching: charcoal and soft pastels
HW: personal narrative still life

Day 3

list of singularities, objects, portraits; the extraordinary /ordinary; balance, picture plane
and format; value scale and illumination, still life hatching and crosshatching:
monochrome soft pastel
HW: ugly drawing

Day 4

list of dichotomies, abstract and representational, small quick studies, divisions of a square:
brush and ink, hand out on Gestalt principles; abstract substitution
HW: 2D world narrative

Day 5

representational volume, subtractive value, and illumination, mapping, atmospheric,
edges, gesture and unity; out of focus slides then still life in analogous color: soft pastels
HW: monument/memorial; object, figure/portrait or space in values and light source

Day 6 

analogous color still life, list of transitions; abstract and representational,
gesture, movement and direction: soft and oil pastels, hand out strategies for creation
HW: finish still life substitute for analogous transition

Day 7 

list of patterns, groups, systems; designs from nature into abstract environment,
HW: extension from photo or drawing into larger context drawing with three or more
spaces in selected mode of representation

Day 8

3-5 small still lives, 11” x 4.25”, five organic hand held objects;
micro into macro, 7’ x 3’ : black and white charcoal, ink, large oil sticks or acrylics
HW: finish macro at home

Day 9

golden mean composition with string, stick or dowel; still life with cubist space, tracing and
recomposition, complementary color: soft and oil pastels
HW: combine photo and still life in soft or oil pastel, finish recombined drawing

Day 10

model, long pose, neutral and triadic color harmony: soft pastels
HW: keep drawing


Art Fundamentals: Theory and Practice Ocvirk, Stinson, et al Brown & Benchmark
Form, Function and Design Grillo; Dover
Drawing: Space, Form, and Expression Enstice and Peters; Prentice Hall
The Joy of Drawing Bill Martin; Watson Guptill
Art as Experience John Dewey; Capricorn Books
The Art of Drawing Chaet; Holt, Rinehart
Guide to Drawing Mendelowitz; Holt, Rinehart
Designs Lessons from Nature Taylor; Watson Guptill
The Courage to Create Rollo May; Bantam Books
Patterns in Nature Peter S. Stevens; Little Brown & Co
The Language of Vision Gregory Kepes; Dover Publications
The Art of Responsive Drawing Goldstein; Prentice Hall


collect color pictures from magazines and newspapers for a swatch file, 3 - 5 should be food
bring 5 objects for drawing still life, should be organic such as a bug or bone
1 drawing pad, 70lb. paper or heavier, 14” x 17” or larger
1 box of medium grade Vine charcoal           
1 kneaded eraser
a few sticks or box of compressed black charcoal, Alphacolor  OK
a few sticks or box of white charcoal or white NuPastel, no Alphacolor
3 bull clips
1 black charcoal pencil, medium
1 white charcoal pencil
1 can of odorless workable spray fixative
soft pastels, NuPastels, set of 24
oil pastels, Craypas, set of 24
large oil sticks or oil bars, one black, one white
craft knife with #1 blades
small container of black ink , bistre or sepia ink
quill, speedball point pen with several nibs or bamboo reed pen
1 medium round brush or Bamboo brush, inexpensive
roll of 1” masking tape
glue stick or roll of transparent or invisible tape
1 pad of tracing paper, 14” x 17” or a small roll

 Recommended but not necessary

1 utility sketchbook, 8.5” x 11” softcover but  9” x 12” hardcover OK
1 portfolio, large enough to hold 24” x 36” work
1 supply box
drawing board 18” x 24” or  24” x 24”
1 18” or 24” ruler and/or 24” T-square
1 tube Titanium white acrylic
1 tube Ivory black acrylic
mixing tray
water container
and any other drawing materials you already own
Desire, Commitment, and Perseverance. Talent optional.

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