Jose Agustin Andreu
Color and Light

This course covers the fundamentals of color harmony and theory by drawing from still life,
photographs and the imagination. Students explore the use of analytical and expressive color through
abstract and representational drawing. Emphasis is on the use of light and color in drawing to
realistically create form, space, and atmospheric effects. Techniques studied will develop expressive
and representational use of color including chiaroscuro, reflections, and transparencies. A variety of
historical and contemporary styles will be introduced through exercises and slide lectures. Materials
include soft pastels, oil pastels, charcoal, color inks, and collage. The course includes a review of the
elements of drawing and the principles of design.



Day 1 

introduction, value drawing, shapes, edges and frame: vine charcoal
HW: get supplies

Day 2 

value scale and drawing: black and white charcoal and soft pastels
HW: get color photos for pattern, texture, and color collage with at
least 5-7 color photos, must include 2-3 of food

Day 3

value scale and hue saturation, monochrome drawing: soft pastels
HW: personal narrative still life

Day 4

lmonochrome and analogous color, value, saturation,
and temperature: soft pastels
HW: collage compositional drawing on tracing paper

Day 5

analogous color, value and saturation: oil pastels
temperature,  cool/warm,  and humidity, moist/dry
HW: dream/fantasy/nightmare /analogous color

Day 6 

complementary color harmony, value and form: soft pastels
temperature, cool/warm,  and humidity, moist/dry
HW: five to seven value study from color photo/collage drawing

Day 7 

complementary and split color harmony, value and form: oil pastels
slides on representational color
HW: strong light still life/double split complementary color harmony

Day 8

double split complementary color harmony still life: soft pastels
HW: self portrait in a room or in a space: soft pastels

Day 9

quadratic color harmony, mirror, bear, rose, cube, bottle: oil pastels
HW: color drawing from collage in oil pastels, bring 3-5 figure photos

Day 10

gesture, still life, triadic color and split complementary harmony: inks
still life and interior with figure line drawings, 3-5 figure photos
HW: finish interior with figure, change harmony, cool/warm shift

Day 11

gesture, still life and triadic color: inks
complementary scales split from neutrals
slides on abstract color, start 2D abstract nature environment
 HW: finish 2D abstract environment: oil pastels

Day 12

limited color harmony with transparencies, soft pastels, oil pastels, inks
still life line drawing, de/reconstructed still life line drawing, cubism
HW: still life from formal design, bring 3-5 figure photos

Day 13

gesture and neutral triadic color and split harmony
compositions with figures from 3-5 figure photos
HW: drawing synthesis from previous drawings

Day 14

self portrait and final critique



Artist’s Color Manual Simon Jennings Chronicle Books
Color Theory Made Easy Jim Ames Watson-Guptill
Color Zelanski & Fisher Prentice-Hall
Interaction of Color Josef Albers Yale University Press
Principles of Color Design Wucius Wong Van Nostrand Reinhold
Color Manual Stephen J. Sidelinger Prentice-Hall
Color And Culture John Gage University of California Press
Color: A Natural History of the Palette Victoria Finlay Ballantine Books
Color and Human Response Faber Birren Van Nostrand Reinhold
The Encyclopedia of Drawing Techniques Ian Simpson Quarto Publishing
Art Fundamentals: Theory and Practice  Ocvirk, Stinson, et al Brown & Benchmark
Color Basics Pentak & Roth Thompson-Wadsworth
The Artist’s Guide to Selecting Colors Michael Wilcox School of Color Publishing


collect color pictures from magazines and newspapers for a swatch file
            some of food, some of figures, others of geometric and organic images, natural or artificial
drawing pad 14” x 17”,  Utrecht 70 lbs. or Strathmore 80 lbs. smooth surface
2-3 bull clips or drawing board with clips; 26”x24”, 20”x18”, 18”x16”
watercolor pad 11”x 15”, Strathmore Series 400 or 300, 140lbs
vine charcoal , medium
white soft pastels, 8-10 sticks, NuPastels recommended
black soft pastels, 8-10 sticks, NuPastels recommended
soft pastels, set of 24,  NuPastels recommended
oil pastels, Cray Pas, set of 25, or Van Gogh, set of 24, recommended
white oil pastels, 8-10 sticks,
workable spray fixative for charcoal and pastels
small roll of clear tape and/or glue stick
1” masking tape
tracing paper, 14” x 17” pad or small roll
waterproof inks, Higgins, Winsor & Newton, or Speedball Pigmented Acrylic Ink
yellow, red, blue, white, black
small container of frisket or masking fluid
bamboo or watercolor brush,  large round #12 or #14
water container
desire, commitment,  and perseverance. Talent optional

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